Suntech has signed up to the TM Forum’s Open API Manifesto. The move is part of SunVizion’s ongoing commitment to open and standardised IT architectures that CSPs are demanding as they undergo digital transformation.

Making the best use of network inventory data is of course essential if CSPs are to launch new services quickly and reduce time-to-revenue.  If it’s locked up in silos, the value of that data is diminished. Legacy and proprietary OSS/BSS make it time-consuming and expensive to share information with others in the technology ecosystem. This, in turn, cranks up O&M costs.


TM Forum’s suite of open APIs provides CSPs with clear path to standardized plug-and-play components. They enable flexible and agile networks capable of launching even complex services rapidly, courtesy of more network automation. O&M costs are reined in. There is also the opportunity to pick up the pace of service and product innovation through DevOps and tap into new revenue streams.


 As a TM Forum Open API Manifesto signatory, Suntech has underlined its industry commitment to new growth and greater operational efficiencies. Manifesto CSP signatories, understandably, expect vendors and system integrators to support open APIs. In all their IT RFPs, they will be CSPs’ preferred requirement.


SunVizion fully endorses this direction of industry travel. As a telco OSS/BSS specialist and custodian of a wealth of data, Suntech recognizes that sharing and cross-linking of information with others in the technology ecosystem can only add more value, whether it be improved productivity or clamping down on opex. Generating actionable insights on service delivery and service assurance, through analytics of multiple sources of data, becomes much easier in an open and interoperable ecosystem.


Extensible open APIs, which expose a catalog of capabilities to partners and developers, can also help CSPs monetize existing network capabilities.


By helping to formalise and standardise open APIs, TM Forum is helping CSPs unlock more value from their networks. It is something SunVizion fully supports.




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